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How Racist is Lafayette Police Department?

How Racist Is The Lafayette Police Department, Jim Craft?

Sun, Jun 15, 2014

Who Got Busted?

There is no doubt, that white male law enforcement officers with the Lafayette Police Department have a history of racially profiling young black males.

Some of this has been well documented in court filings along with audio and video recordings that have yet to be made public.

In the latest series of screenshots, shared by a fellow officer who wishes to not be identified, we get a firsthand glimpse of what LPD Cpl. Andrea Pattison’s alleged views are on Father’s Day.

According to the screenshots, Officer Pattison who is a white female allegedly states, “Happy Father’s Day!!! Prob the most confusing day in the ghetto.”

photo 1

Now why would a person who has sworn to protect and serve, regardless of skin color or socioeconomic status make such a foul statement in the public domain?

What’s more troubling is the overwhelming support she received from white male police officers with the Lafayette Police Department via comments and likes.

photo 2photo 3

If Officer Pattison made this statement, what makes her think that a 5 or 10 year old boy or girls chooses to be fatherless in the ghetto? What kind of public servant makes these types of statements in the public domain? In addition, if an officer is making this type of statement in the public domain, imagine what is said behind closed doors?

photo 4

Her alleged comments are repulsive and clearly show the type of disgusting racial culture taught and encouraged by none other than Chief James ‘Jim’ Craft with the Lafayette Police Department.

We believe Officer Pattison and the other officers involved in this incident should immediately resign their post and consider a career as a non-public servant.

Police One recently posted a story about five great ways to destroy your law enforcement career, one of them being, “Defense attorneys particularly appreciate when they discover any prejudicial or sexist attitudes that you have on display on social media and use them in court and publicly to impeach your credibility.”
As a police officer with the department wrote in his song, #LongWay2Go

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