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Boobies and Bullying in Acadiana - Busted In Acadiana

Boobies and Bullying in Acadiana

Thu, Jun 5, 2014

Who Got Busted?

A Lafayette woman is being accused of being a bully after a recent post on Facebook of a woman breast feeding her child at Chick Fila in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Below is a screenshot provide to us where apparently Jennifer Long took a picture of a mother breast feeding in public and posted it to social media.


We’re told Long apologized today and alleges she is being cyber bullied because of the post:

“Just to set the record straight.. I am VERY SORRY if my post about breastfeeding uncovered in public was hurtful or offended anyone. I do believe 100% in breastfeeding and know all the benefits but with that being said it should come with modesty. Its my opinion and I do have the right to post anything I see in public. This was a wide open busy restaurant. I saw parents uncomfortable covering their kids eyes and women telling older kids to stop staring. Just because you breastfeed doesn’t give you the right to pop it out and make everyone else uncomfortable while eating and little children are all around you. When I was asked to remove the picture yesterday I did so right away. Apparently this topic is a lot bigger than i ever thought. When deleting the picture yesterday it had over 70 comments of real debate over uncovered breastfeeding in public. Alot of people sharing my beliefs on this issue.

What is NOT up for debate.. Is that you CANNOT attack someones business, career and life just because you do not agree with their opinion. I have now been put under attack and have become a victim of cyber bullying just because I share different views than others. If this is not stopped I will proceed with legal action. “

What are your views on women whipping out their booby in public to nurse a child???

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