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Top leaders in the school system caught on tape acting the fool - Busted In Acadiana

Top leaders in the school system caught on tape acting the fool

Tue, Apr 16, 2013

Off The Beat

The following two recordings were obtained from an anonymous source.

Top leaders in the Lafayette Parish School System can be heard verbally accosting school employees who were airing their grievances.

Assistant Superintendent Sandra Billeaudeau can be hear saying, “Ah Nigga” at the 4;55 mark of the recording.

In addition a source that wishes not to be identified tell us, the man saying “Fuck you, Fuck Me” is allegedly the Director of Human Resources for the Lafayette Parish School Systems, Bruce Leininger.

Sandra Billeadeau Meme1

Billeaudeau flies off the handle and says, “I don’t give a rat’s petunia.” According to Urban Dictionary, Petunia is another word for Vagina, mainly used by parents when having “the talk” with their daughters.

Sandra Billeadeau Meme1

Billeaudeau can also be heard telling employees that if they mess with her money, she was going to fire their asses.

Sandra Billeadeau Meme2Listen to the uncensored recordings below of top leaders in the school system acting a fool.

In the recording below, an employee of the school system airs his grievances to Lafayette Parish School Superintendent Pat Cooper. Listen to Cooper’s reaction…