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Cajun Construction dude Busted In Acadiana - Busted In Acadiana

Cajun Construction dude Busted In Acadiana

Tue, Apr 9, 2013

Who Got Busted?

Shane Leblanc Mug

On Sunday, a fan shared the image below regarding the monkeyshine going on at Cajun Construction, LLC.

The victim alleged that she knew of at least three other victims who have fallen victim to Cajun Construction, LLC questionable business practices.

Cajun Construction LLC

We have since learned more about Shane Leblanc (aka Shane Romero), the man accused of being behind Cajun Construction, LLC.

It appears that Leblanc began operating under the assumed business name of Cajun Construction, LLC shortly after Hurricane Isaac in 2012.

He has done worth in at least 5 parishes throughout Louisiana including Lafayette, Vermillion, Iberia, Terrebonne, St. Mary Parish and possibly the New Orleans area.

We checked with the Louisiana Secretary of State who tells us, Cajun Construction, LLC is not a registered business entity in the State of Louisiana.

Leblanc’s defunct company has racked up a laundry list of complaints throughout the state including a F rating by the Better Business Bureau who documents numerous complaints.

Back in 2011, Leblanc was exposed by The Dirty accusing him of using the alias ‘Joshua Broussard’.

Questions have arisen regarding how Leblanc was paid for services he never rendered using a fictitious business name.

Two alleged victims tell us they were asked to pay upfront cost for materials by Shane Romero (aka Shane Leblanc).

One of the victims provided us this check showing that the check was paid to Shane Romero and endorsed using the signature Shane Romero and Blake Leblanc (Shane Leblanc’s brother).



It’s unclear if Blake Leblanc is involved in Cajun Construction, LLC or if he was even aware his brother was endorsing his names on check.

One thing for sure, someone is going to great lengths to cover their internet trail of bread crumbs.

The former Facebook site for Cajun Construction, LLC ( was taken down within hours of us inquiring about their business practices.

A video published to You Tube on August 31st, 2012 by user “Shane Romero” states:

“Cajun Construction, LLC, owned & operate by Shane Romero, does all types of roofing and renovations. Call 337.517.2546″

Let’s see how long before the You Tube video disappears from view.

Several victims allege that Shane Leblanc was operating another pie-in-the-sky company, Cajun Trailer, LLC, which is not registered with the Louisiana Secretary of State.

Yesterday we posted a message on Cajun Trailer, LLC’s Facebook site ( which has since been taken down.

The Lafayette and Vermillion Parish Sheriff’s Department have confirmed that there are active warrants for Home Improvement Fraud and Felony Theft for Shane Leblanc’s arrest.

We will continue to monitor this developing story, in the mean time, check out a few blogs and Facebook pages victim’s have started: