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Louisiana man accused of biting, beating and shaking toddler to death - Busted In Acadiana

Louisiana man accused of biting, beating and shaking toddler to death

Fri, Mar 22, 2013

Who Got Busted?

Cyril JonesLouisiana deputiees say a toddler is dead after being bitten, beaten then shook.

Detectives say the suspect in the murder case admits to attacking the child after he “just clicked out” and lost his temper.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Col. John Fortunato says officers were dispatched to Tulane University Hospital in New Orleans for “possible child abuse of a two-year-old black female, identified as, Darionne Taylor, B/F, of Marrero.”

He says the child had various injuries.

“Darionne Taylor was suffering from head injuries, severe swelling to the forehead and a large bite mark to her back,” Fortunato said in a news release.

The two year old was in critical condition, unresponsive and on a ventilator.  Taylor died Thursday.

The mother’s boyfriend has been charged with murder after police say he admitted beating and biting the little girl when she and other children would not stop jumping on the bed and misbehaving.

Fortunato described the confession, “Cyril Jones (above) admitted the bite… was the result, in his words, ‘I just clicked out’, lost his temper with Darionne because she was not listening.  Jones admitted he grabbed Darionne and bit her on her back.   Jones went on to state that on the night of March 15, 2013, Darionne was running around the house and not listening.  Jones stated so he grabbed Darionne and threw her to the floor in the bedroom, causing her to strike her head.  Jones told the child to go to sleep.  Jones stated a short time later, Taylor was jumping on the bed a second time subsequently falling from it onto the floor below.  Jones stated he picked Darionne up and began shaking her violently, telling her not to jump on the bed.  He claimed he carried the child to the kitchen where she began to go unconscious.  Jones stated he put water on the child’s face at which time she began convulsing.  It was then, Jones called 911.”

He is now charged with second degree murder.  The two year old’s mother was at work at the time of the incident.

“Devone Taylor told detectives she left her daughter, along with several nieces and nephews in the custody of her boyfriend, Cyril Jones at the 1540 Wakefield Drive address.  While at work, she was told that Darionne had fallen from the bed, was not breathing, and was taken to the hospital,” the colonel explained.