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Durel, Langlinais reach 'Holy Week' agreement - Busted In Acadiana

Durel, Langlinais reach ‘Holy Week’ agreement

Thu, Mar 28, 2013

Who Got Busted?

Durel-BroussardLafayette, Broussard leaders announce agreement

Leaders from the city of Lafayette and the city of Broussard met today and have reached an agreement in principle to settle the recent disputes between the two municipalities including a path to resolve the annexation and water litigation between the two cities.

As part of the agreement, Lafayette leaders have agreed that those services which the city of Lafayette provides to Broussard will not be terminated. 
Both mayors were present at the negotiations, and all parties involved believe the agreement reached will best serve the citizens of both cities, as well as the residents of the parish of Lafayette.  All participants in the dialogue felt it was appropriate that an agreement was reached during Holy Week.
There will be no further comment by either party until the agreement is finalized.
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  2. I really can’t think of any drawback, other than whatever politician proposed it would be very unpopular.

  3. Durel, Langlinais reach ‘Holy Week’ agreement – Busted In Acadiana
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