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10 months later, still no sign of Keiosha Felix - Busted In Acadiana

10 months later, still no sign of Keiosha Felix

Sat, Mar 2, 2013

Who Got Busted?

Keiosha FelixIt’s been 10 months, and still no sign of Keiosha Felix.

Volunteer organizer Tammy Charles is trying to raise awareness about Felix the best way she knows possible. There are few leads, and hope of finding the missing 15-year-old is fading.

“It’s been very difficult to keep Keiosha’s story fresh … at times it seems almost impossible,” Charles said. “I just keep looking for opportunities to get her story out as much as possible.”

And that’s just what Charles and a group of people did Sunday at the 10th annual African-American History Parade in Lafayette. They marched to honor Felix and spread the word.

She said the parade’s reception was heartwarming, and felt that it was a great opportunity to tell the crowd about Felix’s story. She also hoped that their presence would get people talking and generate tips.

“We were very thankful for the opportunity to get her name and face out there in the center of Keiosha’s very own community.”

Felix was last seen April 30 at her aunt’s mobile home in Duson.

Charles said that some people did not know that Felix was still missing, while others had not even heard of her. But they offered their well-wishes.

“We were very touched on the parade route by many people offering their prayers.”

Keiosha Felix

Former Duson Assistant Police Chief Gerald Credeur was there to march with the group. Credeur was fired, allegedly over handling of the case. He’s suing the Duson Police Department and the town government.

Charles said Credeur has consistently devoted his “heart and soul” in efforts to find the missing girl.

Charles said help has been hard to come by as the search goes on. Besides herself, only four others volunteer on a consistent basis.

“That’s pretty sad, but it’s the reality,” she said.

She said she is still hoping that anyone with information will come forward, because she still believes “somebody knows something.”

Kip Judice, spokesman for the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office, said Keiosha is still a priority and focus of the agency, but tips are few.

He said, however, that detectives are still following up on leads and doing whatever possible to try and locate Felix. He reminded the public about the $5,000 reward being offered by the FBI leading to the teen’s safe return.

Charles said she’s clinging to her faith that Felix will be brought home safely.

“Is there still hope? There is God, therefore there is always hope,” she said.

She said that although the group does not get the amount of support that they would like and they are few in number, she will never stop sharing Felix’s name, face and story.

“It is important to us to let folks know that she is still missing and her life still matters.”