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Not forgetting how Amy Breaux of Gueydan was killed - Busted In Acadiana

Not forgetting how Amy Breaux of Gueydan was killed

Fri, Feb 22, 2013

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Amy BreauxToday Amy Breaux turns 41 years old, but there will not be much celebrating going on with family and friends. 

Last year for her 40th birthday, her family threw her a big party because she feared turning 40. Today, her family and friends now only have memories of Breaux and her million dollar smile.

A special birthday candlelight vigil will be held tonight in Gueydan, starting at 6 p.m. It will be held in the parking lot of Curt’s Barber Shop, where Amy’s body landed. 

“We do not want people to forget about her and how she was killed,” said Misty Matthews, one of Amy’s sisters. “We are putting flyers out and pushing and pushing. We have gotten no response from the police, but we still want to keep my sister’s death in the media. We do not want people to forget that someone killed her.”

Amy was killed six months ago while walking away from the Gueydan Duck Festival on Aug. 25, 2012. A vehicle struck her and a friend, both of whom were walking along La. 14, back to their vehicle. The two were struck by someone in a vehicle heading into Gueydan. Six months later, the Louisiana State Police have no leads regarding who hit the two of them. 

Amy Breaux’s family has not rested since that tragic night. It is not uncommon for Amy’s mother Barbara to cry each day. Robert, the father, carries his daughter’s obit in his wallet. 

Amy also left behind two younger sisters, a brother and two daughters. 

Amy’s family members, including her 20-year-old daughter Kiley Benoit have a hole in their heart from the loss of their best friend. They have a hard time understanding why no one has stepped forward and say they accidently hit two people along La. 14.

“It has been tough,” said Benoit. “Someone did that and is not coming forward. If the driver would have stopped when it happened, they probably would not have been in trouble.”

Misty added, “Amy was an innocent person and she lost her life. We are grieving and not knowing. They (the driver) is going on living their life…going on their merry way.”

“I know it (killing Amy) has to eat at them,” said Benoit. It has to. When it is their time to go, they will have to face God.”

Misty said the Louisiana State Police have no leads on what type of vehicle hit Amy and her friend. The Breaux Family have not heard back from the State Police since November. 

A $5,500 reward is being offered for information about the accident. If anyone has information, they can call the Sheriff’s Office (898-4409), State Police (262-5880) or the Gueydan Police Department (536-9219).

Misty and Benoit are hoping the candlelight vigil may spark someone’s memory about that night.

It was the night from hell for the Breaux family.

Amy’s mother and father were both in Houston, helping move one of the daughter’s to Houston, when the accident occurred. Benoit, who was living in Houston, was in Gueydan that weekend. At 1:45 a.m. Misty and Benoit were on the phone talking with one another, when Misty heard the accident but she did not know who was involved in it. She told Benoit she had to go and see who got hit along the road. Kiley became concerned because she knew her mother was at the Gueydan Duck Festival. 

Benoit waited a little while and called her mother’s cell phone. The phone rang in Amy’s pocket and a friend pulled it out of pocket and answered it. The voice Benoit heard was not her mother’s. It was a friend of Misty’s. 

“I knew right then and there, something happened,” said Benoit. “They told me to just get there.”

Misty had to make the tough phone call to her parents in Houston to tell them the news about their daughter. They drove back as quick as possible that night.

The Breaux family has not been the same since that night. They are hoping someone comes forward and admit they caused the accident.

“We want some kind of closure,” said Benoit. 

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