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Facebook page made in memory of Austin Rivault - Busted In Acadiana

Facebook page made in memory of Austin Rivault

Sun, Feb 10, 2013

Off The Beat

Austin Rivault2A Facebook page¬†entitled, “RIP Austin Rivault” was created at about 11:00 a.m. today for one of the 15-year-old¬†victim’s of an early morning shooting in Lafayette.

As of publication, the page had a little over 2,000 fans.

The page identifies the two other 15-year-olds who were shot in a status update, “I hope William Bellamy and Cole Kelly Recover fast and that God helps them through it. May their families heal as well.”

Police have arrested 18-year-old Seth Fontenot of Lafayette in connection with the early morning shooting.

To follow the Facebook page established for Austin Rivault, click here.

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