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Estranged husband accused of beating and kicking wife in the presence of their children - Busted In Acadiana

Estranged husband accused of beating and kicking wife in the presence of their children

Mon, Feb 4, 2013

Who Got Busted?


Pictured: Skye Kleinpeter who alleges her husband Ridge Price kicked her in the face after repeatedly beating her.

A Livington Parish mother is recovering from injuries after being severely beaten, allegedly at the hands of a man who vowed to protect and serve her.

The victim, Skye Kleinpeter tells us that she, two house guest and her two small children awoke to the sound of glass shattering at the back of her home.

When she awoke to check on what had happened, her door came crashing in and there stood her husband Ridge Price, 22 of Walker, Louisiana who she has been separated from for nearly a month.


Pictured: Ridge Price from a previous arrest in 2011.

Kleinpeter tells us that is when all hell broke loose.

Price allegedly kicked her in the face resulting in her nose squirting blood onto their 2-year-old child, then dragged her from the bed by her hair and slammed her into a door where their 1-year-old child slept according to the victim. Kleinpeter alleges that Price then drug her down the hallway by her hair while her two-year-old child was screaming and crying for him to stop as he continued to stomp her head.

Kleinpeter tells us she screamed out for her friends who were hiding in a closet because she believed Price was going to kill her. She says once he realized they were not alone, he stopped beating her and began looking for her two friends. Kleinpeter says this allowed her the opportunity to run out the door and seek refuge with a neighbor who contacted Police. In the meantime, her friends were able to climb out a window with the two small children and Price allegedly took off out the back door.

Police arrived and searched the area for Price, however, were unsuccessful in apprehending him that night. The following day Price turned himself in to authorities with the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Department and was booked on one count of Aggravated Second Degree Battery and released a short time later on a $5,000 bond.

It’s unclear why price was not charged with Home Invasion or Child Endagerment, however, we will continue to seek answers in the coming days.

What is even more puzzling is when we inquired with Livingstong Parish Sheriff, Jason Ard about this incident, he alleges that no adult witnesses were present and nothing was ever mentioned about Price breaking into the home.

Friends and family members have started a Facebook page called, “Ridge Price the Woman Beater is still on the Streets of LP

 Warning: Photos below are very graphic

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