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Carencro Police being accused of unlawful arrest and detention? - Busted In Acadiana

Carencro Police being accused of unlawful arrest and detention?

Sat, Feb 23, 2013

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Carencro PDFrom Carissa Hamilton:

On Tuesday Feb.19, my 17 yr old. son was arrested for attempt. Arm rob.& attempted 1st. Degree murder on a victim by carencro police dept. On Wednesday Feb.20, the victim contacted me nd stated my son was not the person who attempted to rob him he went into details on why he knew my son was not the suspect . He stated that it was 2 male suspects nd he knew and had already itentified one of the suspects he then went into details as too the other suspect whom he did not know was way bigger, taller nd when that suspect spoke to him his voice was deep he stated he knew my son personally and no way possible was that 2nd suspect my son. he stated he would do anything to try to right this wrong …. I asked the suspect if he would sign an affidavit stating what he told me….I picked him up and we went to Lafayette D.A office…. The D.A office stated they could not take the statement bc they did not have the file on the case. then We went to Lafayette sheriff’s office and was allowed to wright an affidavit there. The sheriff office then got the file to carencro police dept… On Thursday Feb. 21 I went to carencro police dept and spoke with det. Walker bc he was the person working the case who stated he received the affidavit from Lafayette sheriff office but he needed to speak to The victim about the statement he wrote, I then left from carencro police dept. and picked up the victim bought him back to the station so that Walker could further question him. The suspect and I went into his office and spoke with Walker who then showed us a video of the attempted robbery the assailant faces r very blurry but looks like the person he had already identified to the det. The det. Was telling the victim who he thought it was and the victim disagreed and stated that the image looks like the person he identified. The det ask me to step out the room to speak with the victim alone. After speaking with the victim he called me to the back and apologize and showed me a statement the suspect wrote saying my son was the other person with him but he would submit the victims affidavit to the judge. On Friday 22, det. Walker called me and stated he had went to sign necessary paper work to have my son released….det­. Walker then called me back later stating the.Lafayette D.A office had to sign off on the file once his report was completed and he would forward his report to them at around 2:15-2:30 I went to carencro p.d. ask for the chief and det. Walker came to talk to me and stated about the d.a office having to sign off……I told Walker he had flat out lied to me about signing off on the paper work earlier that morning… While Walker is finishing up with his report my 17 yr old son remains in jail!! even after the affidavit been written by the victim stating he is positive it’s not my son. My son is missing school bc he is a Jr. In high school. Where is the justice? How does the det believe the suspect over the victim to keep my son and believe the victim to make the initial arrest….it doesn’t make sense….. Something needs to b done about carencro police dept . They constantly harass our children speak to adults like they are children and only ride around in our black neighborhoods. I went to try to speak with the chief of carencro 3 times this week and each time got told he was out of office, training etc. Carencro high school contacted us to withdraw my son from school the Wednesday after he was arrested on false accusations Tuesday night… and we was called Wednesday??….­ this is my son 1st time going to jail no picture was put up until Thursday so how did they figure it was the right kid they had. DET WALKER DID NOT FURTHER INVESTIGATE BEFORE ARRESTING MY SON, IT’S LIKE THEY HAD 2 PEOPLE… CASE CLOSE …WHEN IN FACT according to the victim one of the assaliants they HAVE is THE WRONG PERSON and he is sITTING IN LPCC…. Instead of saying we made a mistake your son will b release, its “I already wrked this case weeks I don’t feel like finding the right.person r putting in more hrs on this case “!!! This is not right r fair to my son!!!

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