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Progress made in unsolved deaths according to Abbeville Chief - Busted In Acadiana

Progress made in unsolved deaths according to Abbeville Chief

Thu, Jan 3, 2013

Who Got Busted?

Abbeville Police

Photo Courtesy of KLFY

According to KLFY, seven murders were committed in the city of Abbeville in 2012.

According to the station, only 2 of the 7 murders have been solved.

The open investigations include the stabbing death of Rita Jordan, who was murdered while baby-sitting her grand-child. Kyle Trahan, Paul Rice Jr. and Darrell Broussard were all shooting related murders, and there is still some mystery surrounding the death of 3-month old Jayla Broussard.

As the days go by, and a new year begins, some citizens are worried the cases will be forgotten. Chief of Police, Tony Hardy said that’s shouldn’t be a concern.

“We’re working on these cases. None are cold. They are never going to be cold cases to us.”

Without giving specific details that could risk the investigations, Hardy said they are getting closer to making arrests in some of the cases. His team of investigators are working around the clock, along with the Vermilion Parish Sherriff’s office and the FBI, on tips and leads. Community participation has also been a factor in helping the police get closer.

“People are starting to come forward and starting to talk to us and give us information. That’s what helped us in solving the other two,” said Hardy, referring to the murder cases of Jacoby Walker, Sr. and Tam Nihn Thai.

2012 was the worst he has seen, as far as homicides in the city.  

According to Hardy, Abbeville is not the only place that has seen a spike in crime over the last year.

“I get information from other law enforcement agencies and they tell me they are going through the same situation we are and not to feel like it’s only us. The people are not used to that in this community, but the world has changed.”

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