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Beware of the white van, possible panty sniffer on the loose in Acadiana - Busted In Acadiana

Beware of the white van, possible panty sniffer on the loose in Acadiana

Wed, Jan 23, 2013

Off The Beat

CaptureAccording to numerous reports from residents in and around Acadiana, the white van (pictured above), loaded down with overly aggressive sales people has been making rounds  through neighborhoods selling Kirby Vacuums in addition to offering specialized cleaning services for your carpet.

The vans are loaded down with what appears to be unemployed circus clowns according to T-Bob in Maurice and has been been spotted in neighborhoods in Lafayette, Iberia, Vermillion, St. Mary, St. Landry and Acadia Parish.

According to a law enforcement source who wishes not to be identified, the vans which have Florida license plates and its occupants have been a cause for numerous complaints to be filed throughout the state. 

It’s unclear if the professional hustlers cited earlier this month in St. Mary Parish for solicitation without a permit are the same group of deviants making their rounds in other Acadiana neighborhoods.

We’re told the occupants of the vehicle are well dressed but obviously can’t take no for an answer.

Women! Don’t answer your doors for strangers who may be looking to for a panty sniffing encounter or far worse.

One woman who encountered the person claiming to sell for Kirby says:

There are some people driving around in a white van in the Iberia/vermillion parish areas trying to sell vacuums but they are trying to force their way into people’s homes. I have seen several people post pictures and even a license plate number of the van doing this. Why has this scam not made news yet? It’s been going on for at least a week and half! They get really mad when u tell them u r not interested and they then try to get in your house like they are checking out what you have that they can come back and steal!

Another woman said:

I have a friend who was home alone today with her baby. Long story short I called and they were in her house. I made up a fake “car accident” she hurried to leave, but they tried to linger. When her hubby showed up they left but it could have been much worse. This just happened so I warned her to be careful as they have been known to go back. I will update you if I hear anything else. I just wanted her to see if this was the same group. I called Kirby, it wasn’t one of their reps as the guy “Kevin” claimed to be


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