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Abbeville thug shoots a man with a pellet gun, charged with attempted murder - Busted In Acadiana

Abbeville thug shoots a man with a pellet gun, charged with attempted murder

Thu, Jan 31, 2013

Who Got Busted?

Christian GalleyAn 18-year-old Abbeville man learned that if you allegedly shoot and injure someone with a pellet gun, you can be charged with attempted second degree murder.

That is what happened with 18-year-old Christian Galley.

According to the Abbeville Police Department, the police were dispatched to the address of 1001 E. Lafayette Street earlier this week after learning someone was shot.

When the police arrived, the officer spoke with Cuong Van Nguyen, who said he was in his yard when he saw Galley allegedly load a rifle and fire it at him. It struck him in the chest and he was transported to Abbeville General Hospital by Acadian Ambulance, the Abbeville police’s press release said.

The officer went speak to Galley and learned the rifle was a high velocity pellet riffle that shoots .177 caliber pellet with a velocity of 1,250 feet per second.

Officers located witnesses besides Nguyen , who identified Galley as the shooter, the police department stated in a press release.

The Abbeville police officers determined the shooting was over an argument in which Nguyen owed another person, who was at Galley’s home, the press release said. A short time after the argument occurred, Galley allegedly shot Nguyen with the rifle, the police press release stated.

Nguyen is still in the hospital with a pellet lodged in his chest cavity next to his left lung. He is in stable but guarded condition.

Galley’s bond is $125,000 and he was booked into the parish jail.

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