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Louisiana murder cold case leads to two arrest - Busted In Acadiana

Louisiana murder cold case leads to two arrest

Mon, Dec 3, 2012

Who Got Busted?

Baton Rouge Police say two suspects have been arrested in connection to a 28-year-old murder case. One suspect was arrested in north Louisiana and the other was arrested in New York.

Ronald Dalton Dunnagan, 64, of Bossier City, LA was charged with criminal conspiracy, simple robbery and first degree murder. Leila Mulla, 57, of Astoria, NY, was charged with criminal conspiracy, simple robbery and second degree murder.

Both are accused of conspiring to rob Gary Kergan nearly 30 years ago. Kergan, a local businessman, was last seen alive at Mulla’s north Baton Rouge home on November 29, 1984. His car was later found abandoned in Metairie, LA.

Police say a significant amount of blood was located in the truck of the car, but it could not be determined at the time whether it was Kergan’s blood. Kergan’s body has never been found to this date, but was declared legally dead by the courts in 1986.

Both Dunnagan and Mulla were arrested in December 1984 and charged in connection with Kergan’s death, however, the District Attorney at the time declined to prosecute due to lack of evidence and both were released.

Blood from the trunk was recently re-tested at the Louisiana State Police Crime Lab and DNA analysis showed that it did in fact belong to the victim.

As a result, investigators traveled to Bossier City and Astoria, NY this week to contact and question Dunnagan and Mulla. Warrants for their arrest were obtained and both have been re-arrested and will be returned to Baton Rouge to face prosecution. The arrests were made with the assistance of the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office, the New York Police Department and the Queens, NY District Attorney’s Office.

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