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Teacher Fired After Former Student Posts Naked Pics She Sent Him - Busted In Acadiana

Teacher Fired After Former Student Posts Naked Pics She Sent Him

Thu, Oct 18, 2012

Who Got Busted?

Anna Michelle Walter’s Twitter Photo

 A teacher has been fired after a former student shamed her all to hell on Twitter by revealing he had sex with her and backed up his claims with a series of nude photos and explicit text messages she’d sent him.

Justin Foster is a former student at Cosby High School in Midlothian, Virginia. The 18-year-old got drunk the other day and took to his Twitter with claims of some really big news to come. “Hahahaha oh man shit going down tonight please if you attend Cosby or used to please be on twitter it’ll be a treat” he posted Tuesday night. He wasn’t kidding.

Justin Foster’s Twitter Picture

 What followed was a series of posts that contained nude photos of Anna Michelle Walters, a substitute teacher at Cosby High that Foster claims to have had sex with when he was a 17-year-old student there.

Explicit: This is a heavily-cropped version of one of the nude photos that Mr Foster claims his former teacher sent to him

 He also included a series of text messages between him and Walters that make it pretty clear that the two were involved in a sexual relationship. Aside from her telling Foster that by him having sex with her that he is the envy of his entire class, she also informs him that she had to adjust her vagina to accommodate his huge penis.

Shamed as Foster releases text allegedly written by his former teacher.

 No word on what Walters did to Foster that led to him shaming her in such a fashion, as all he states is that he just wants to “screw her over” and calls her a “raging slut.” The responses to Foster’s postings  have been mixed, with some virtually high-fiving him for banging Walters while others are bashing him for humiliating the woman.

As for Walters, she was fired on Friday when the school first heard allegations of her having a sexual relationship with a former student. But a new tax bracket and crippling embarrassment may be the least of Walters worries. Chesterfield Police have gotten involved and are investigating whether Foster was under 18 at the time of the incidents.

I don’t agree with what Foster did, as it was purely a vindictive move. But Walters is an idiot who sent nude pics to the 17-year-old student she allegedly banged. I have four of the nude pictures Foster posted of Walters that I plan on using for further research (use Google you lazy bastards) and Walters isn’t the envy of every hetero male in his class, as Walters implied… Foster is possibly the envy of hetero males in general.

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