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FBI closes in on extortion ring involving the District Attorney's office - Busted In Acadiana

FBI closes in on extortion ring involving the District Attorney’s office

Tue, Oct 23, 2012

Who Got Busted?

The FBI and the US Attorney’s Office believe they’ve exposed an extortion and bribery ring operating inside the Lafayette Parish District Attorney’s Office.

The investigation first became public in February when the FBI raided the Lafayette Parish District Attorney’s office ceasing numerous records. The same day, armed with a search warrant the FBI raided Robert Williamson’s home at 311 Arnould Blvd. which is the listed address of his PI business, Secret Cajun Man Ltd.

Soon afterward, District Attorney Mike Harson’s long time Administrative Assistant, Barna Haynes (married to Lafayette City Prosecutor Gary Haynes), was placed on administrative leave and eventually resigned.

Over 6-months after collecting evidence Federal agents are alleging a combination of attorneys, private citizens, employees of the court and possibly law enforcement personnel have been making thousands of dollars to make DWI cases disappear.

According to KLFY TV-10, sources close to the case say those allegedly involved in this scheme were asking anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 per case to make a DWI go away.

One source told The BIA that they had paid a few thousand dollars to Robert Williamson and in return, their DWI went away. No probation, no community service, no strings attach. The only condition was CASH MONEY! One must wonder who Williamson split the proceeds with.

According to KLFY TV-10, We’re being told upwards of 20 people may be involved. In the last few days FBI agents have reportedly been hand delivering what are called “target letters” to those individuals.

The charges are reportedly very serious and include public bribery and rackateering.

According to KLFY TV-10, when reached for comment Monday District Attorney Mike Harson told News 10’s Chuck Huebner; “I’ve heard some letters went out, but I have not received one.” Uh huh Mike!

Clerk of Court Louis Perret told KLFY TV-10, he was not aware any of his employees receiving a target letter.

The identities of individuals receiving target letters has not been released yet, however, we have our feelers out and should know more in coming days including possible links between people involved in the scheme and their relationships to high ranking officials. Uh oh, keep it in the family!

Check out the target letter below……

FBI Target Letter Issued – District Attorney’s Office Probe

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