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Lil’ Webbie accused of kicking a woman down a flight of stairs - Busted In Acadiana

Lil’ Webbie accused of kicking a woman down a flight of stairs

Thu, Sep 13, 2012

Who Got Busted?

Lil’  Webbie was arrested for battery and robbery after he allegedly kicked a woman down a flight of stairs, then jacked her for $340.

Webbie has been accused of attacking the woman inside aChase Suite Hotel in Baton Rouge, La., early Thursday (Sept. 13) morning. He reportedly entered the hotel after being banned from the location. After pushing her, he grabbed the money out of her purse and  kept it moving.

According to his rep, Webbie— born Webster Gradney Jr.—met the woman one night earlier at a party. He maintains that he never attacked or stole from her. Although he did take the money, his people assert that he  was merely taking back the money that the woman stole from him.

He has since been released on $9,000 bond, and plans to fight the allegations.

This isn’t the first time that Webbie has gotten into trouble over money. In January he was blessed with an epic fade for doing a “Free Lil Boosie” show in Chicago, but not sharing the proceeds with Boosie’s family. Boosie’s mom accused him of holding several events and selling T-shirts in honor of her son,  but always pocketing the money.

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