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Retaliation? - Busted In Acadiana


Mon, Aug 20, 2012

Who Got Busted?

Former Lafayette City Police Officer Kencil D. Joseph was last arrested last on criminal charges for allegedly falsifying a crash report so there was no mention of the unlicensed driver, allowing the man to avoid possible arrest.

Kencil D. Joseph, 28 of Opelousas was booked into the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center on August 14th, 2012 on charges of malfeasance in office and injuring public records and released after posting $1,000 bond.

According to The Advocate, Lafayette Consolidated Government’s Chief Administrative Officer Dee Stanley said Joseph was fired by the Lafayette City Police Department in May of this year.

The paper also says the former officer has denied wrongdoing and has appealed to the Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service Board for reinstatement.

The investigation focused on a crash report from a February traffic accident in Lafayette, according to an outline of the internal affairs investigation in the civil service appeal file.

The driver of one the vehicles complained to police that the crash report listed the female passenger of the other vehicle as the driver and made no mention of the man who was actually behind the wheel, even though Joseph had allegedly been told the two had switched seats before he arrived, according to the civil service records.

The man and woman later acknowledged to police that Joseph was allegedly aware of the switch and had allowed the female to be listed as the driver because the male had no driver’s license and would have been subject to arrest, according to the civil service records.

Joseph denied knowing about the switch or even speaking to any male at the scene of the accident, according to the civil service appeal records.

Baton Rouge Attorneys Stephen Spring and Chris Alexander say weeks after the accident, Joseph was confronted by Lt. Chris Lange (the same guy who rolled up on the scene of Officer Jeremy Dupuis allegedly armed and impaired at McDonalds) who informed Joseph that he had failed to place an occupant of the vehicle in the accident report. According to the attorneys, Lt. Lange ordered Joseph to amend the report to reflect the other occupant. Joseph did as ordered and was terminated a short time later.

The Attorneys feel Joseph’s arrest and termination is nothing more than the Lafayette City Police Department retaliating against him for joining a federal lawsuit to stop cover ups and corruption as well as an internal affairs complaint filed against Det. Ben Suire.

The complaint reads:

On behalf of our client, former Officer Kencil Joseph, please receive this complaint against Detective Ben Suire for an alleged violation of General Orders 201.1 General Conduct (Calea 26.1.1) which prohibits the use of social networks during working hours unrelated to employment or job performance ( See: subsections A, (6) (7)). Additionally, we believe there is a Lafayette Consolidated Government PPM which prevents the use of social media networks during employment hours. We have confirmed that today, Detective Ben Suire utilized Facebook while on what we believe was an LPD computer, during working hours. The use of the social network during his work hours we believe is confirmed since Ben Suire’s schedule of work today was 8am to 4pm.  Please see attached the Facebook exchange made at approximately 1pm today. At the very least, we would suggest the comments and use of the thin blue line logo suggest a total lack of sensitivity by Detective Suire.

Thank you for your prompt attention.
Stephen Spring & Chris Alexander
Attorneys for Kencil Joseph”

Source: Image included in the complaint filed by Baton Rouge Attorneys Stephen Spring and Chris Alexander,

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