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Naked Tinkerbell Tattoo Gets Mom Booted from Legoland - Busted In Acadiana

Naked Tinkerbell Tattoo Gets Mom Booted from Legoland

Wed, Apr 25, 2012

Off The Beat

A Texas mother has taken to social media to fight back after being asked to leave the Grapevine Mills Mall Legoland due to her body art.

She staunchly maintains that the tattoo on her lower leg – depicting a naked Tinkerbell with a light switch in either her vagina or rectum – is absolutely ‘not offensive.’

On Sunday, Lana Massey reportedly took her ‘very excited’ 8-year-old son to Legoland. According to her account, Massey paid $53 for access to Legoland Discovery Center and the adjoining aquarium. Massey later described being shadowed by a Legoland employee while moving among the playrooms.

“The whole time we were in, we were followed,” Massey said. “I was totally assuming that she was going to come up to me and ask me who my artist was.”

Instead, the employee reportedly told her that she needed to leave.

“Ma’am, I need to give you your money back and ask you to leave,” Massey recounted. “We’ve had some complaints about your tattoos. And this is a family-friendly environment.”

According to Massey, the employee escorted her to the cashier’s desk, gave her a refund, then escorted and her child her out.

It turns out that the complaint wasn’t about her tattoos but, rather, a specific tattoo. An email from Legoland displayed on Massey’s Facebook responded to her emailed complaint.  It identified a tattoo of Tinkerbell on her leg as the offensive tattoo. It described the policy on offensive clothing or images, and invited her to return on another day with the tattoo covered.

Massey is claiming discrimination and maintains that the ink is classic artwork from the 1940s.

“[It is] no more offensive than zombie Jesus or guns promoting violence,” Massey says. “Aside from any of that, there is nothing about tattoos in their policies, just inappropriate clothing. … I could see if it was like a gaping vag or something like that, but I don’t have anything like that.”

I have often pondered a working threshold of decency at a Legoland. It appears to be – quite verifiably – “gaping vag.”

Massey added that – although she did get her money back – she was never informed that she could return (covered) on another day.

In addition to her Facebook postings, you can also read her appeal on the Church of Body Modification website and – if her stated intentions are realized – on a greater number of traditional Dallas media outlets.


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