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Police wrong doing or not? - Busted In Acadiana

Police wrong doing or not?

Wed, Mar 7, 2012

Who Got Busted?

Complaint against:  Deputy Chief Varden R. Guillory, Eunice Police Department My complaint is that of Malfeasance, unethical/unprofessional police work.  On March 2, 2012 at approximately 5:30pm a woman came to my residence requesting to speak with my mother, concerning a debt.  This woman was an employee of “World Finance” of Eunice, LA.  She had an awful attitude, so I asked her to leave.  Wor…ds were exchanged between the two of us.  She then called her supervisor Melanie.  Melanie then called her husband, Deputy Chief Varden R. Guillory.  Deputy Chief Varden R. Guillory and my family have a long standing history filled with contempt and anger.  Prompted by his wife,  Deputy Chief Varden R. Guillory showed up to my residence off duty and alone.  He pushed by front door open, he was never given permission to enter my residence.  Deputy Chief Varden R. Guillory begin yelling at my mother and stating the following: “Where that mother fucker at?” “Where the fuck he at?” “Who else is in your house?” My mother stated, “It’s just me, my son, and my daughter and my grandson.  What do you want? You know you shouldn’t be here.”  I heard all of this so, I came to the front area of the house.  Deputy Chief Varden R. Guillory looked at me and yelled, “Get your motherfucking as over her, you son of a bitch. You wanna knock the phone out of the hand of a poor little white woman.  Come do that shit to me motherfucker.” I was confused and startled by Deputy Chief Varden R. Guillory’s actions at this point.  Nevertheless, I obeyed his commands.  Keeping in mind, only words were exchanged between his wife’s employee and I.  I never touched anyone.  As I approached Deputy Chief Varden R. Guillory, he pushed my 53 year old mother to the side and grabbed my collared scrub; which he tore.  He then threw me against the beam on my front porch; this is wooden beam.  The impact of this caused the Motorola Bravo cellphone in my right front pocket (worth $400.00) to shatter; leaving the front screen in pieces.  Deputy Chief Varden R. Guillory then stated the following: “You don’t know who you fucking with. You better ask somebody.  I whipped your brothers ass within an inch of his life, from sunrise to sunset about 10 years ago. I’ll do the same to you.” Deputy Chief Varden R. Guillory was referring to my deceased brother 4.5 years, Clifton J. Freeman III.  M y mother, sister, father, nephew, and neighbors all witnessed this incident and are more than willing to their accounts of it.  He then placed me in the back of the patrol car that newly arrived on the scenes; as Deputy Chief Varden R. Guillory showed up off duty and alone.  The woman who worked for Chief Guillory’s wife was present was well.  My family was in tears and asking why this was being done and what I was being charged with?  Deputy Chief Varden R. Guillory replied, “Quit bitching…that’s all your doing is bitching.  Go in your house and shut up.” My mother asked again, “Why are you doing this?”  Deputy Chief Varden R. Guillory replied, “That woman right there works for my wife, this is personal.”  I was then driven away in a police cruiser by an unknown officer.  While waiting to be booked into custody at the Eunice Police Department, Chief Varden R. Guillory approached me and repeated his tasteless statements about my deceased brother and continued to threaten my life.  Officer Mike Kennedy and an unknown on duty dispatcher (white female, 5’2 brunette) witnessed this incident in the booking area of the Eunice Police Department.  I was held unlawfully for nearly 3 hours.  I never, never had my Miranda Rights read to me at any time during or after this incident.  This was a violation of my civil rights.  I was never properly searched by Deputy Chief Varden R. Guillory or any other member/employee of the Eunice Police Department.  In fact, while in custody I still had my cellphone (now broken), a few pens, and chewing gum in my possession/on my person.  In retrospect, the female employee of Deputy Chief Varden R. Guillory’s wife came to collect a debt but also asked if I had xanax or knew where she could get some.  She even asked if my next door neighbor; known as “Chyme” , had xanax pills.  I do not deal with drugs.  This is why I demanded that she remove herself from my property.  She was embarrassed and alleged that I knocked her phone out of her hand.  This led to Deputy Chief Varden R. Guillory’s unruly behavior.  I will be filing suit against the employee of Deputy Chief Varden R. Guillory’s wife for the following: Defamation of character, loss wages, filing a false police report, slander, and emotional distress.  I’am also in the process of obtaining a restraining order against Deputy Chief Varden Guillory.  Again, he threatened my life and illegally arrested me, and broke my cellphone(worth $400.00).  I ask that your office would look into this issue. I am fearful of Deputy Chief Varden R. Guillory as he is roughly 6’6”, 300 lbs. and has a gun.  I’m a licensed healthcare professional and I just want justice for me and my family. I’m scheduled to be arraigned in Eunice City Court on March 19, 2010 at 6pm; where I will plead Not Guilty.  Again, I will be filing a suit against my accuser for lying but I’m filing this complaint against Deputy Chief Varden R. Guillory and the actions he chose to take.


Source: Posted by Dykstra Freeman on KLFY’s Facebook Wall

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